Introduction: Chinese Pepper Meat Pie (胡椒餅)

胡椒餅 hu-jiao-bing Pepper Meat Pie is one of Taiwan street market snack, and as popular as 魯肉飯 Stewed Pork rice、豆花 Tofu Pudding、擔仔麵 Noodle soup etc.

It is not so hard to make, and all ingredients are to be found in ordinary supermarket outside Taiwan.

Step 1: Ingredients

weak flour 250g
hard flour 50g
50℃ hot water
instant dry yeast 1teaspoon (5cc)
salt : 1teaspoon
sugar: 1tablespoon (15cc)

(A)pork belly meat: 300g
(B)Ginger juice:15cc
soy sauce :45cc
sugar: 1teaspoon
oyster sauce: 1tablespokn
ShaoXingJiu 紹興酒: 1tablespoon
Chinese pepper(or black pepper)2tablespoon
(C)green onion: 1bunch
sesame oil 25cc
a pinch of salt

mixture of sesame and weak flour

Step 2: Knead Dough

(1) Make dough with bread machine 
First, Put 2 kinds of flour, salt, dry yeast and sugar together in the pot, and start machine.
Then add water bit by bit.
then knead about tenminutes put out and.let it sit two houras at room temperature,
cut it into eight even piecies

Step 3: Prepair Filling

(2) cut meat into even thickbess

add [A] and mix lightly DO NOT MIX TOO HARD!!

place in refrigerator about one hour.

(3)Cut green onion into 2-3mm thickness, add salt and mix, thenadd sesame oil

(4) put (2) and (3) together

Step 4: Roll Dough and Wrap Filling

(5) Roll out dough into 9-10cm circle shape ,like figure above.

wrap filling with dough, close like pao-zi , and turn upsidedown.

get upperside wet with water, and sprinkle mixture of sesame and flour

Step 5: Bake

put into preheated oven, and bake in 200℃ 20minutes.