Introduction: Chinese Food in Bulk

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Save time and money by making a large batch of Chicken and rice.

Wrap it up into individual servings so you can take it to work for lunch.

This recipe is made with brown rice because it is so much healthier than white rice.

This is a good dish to make for elderly friends and family who live alone. They can heat up 1 serving at a time.

You can substitute other vegetables if you choose: cabbage, bell peppers, zucchini, etc...

Step 1: Ingredients

6 boneless Chicken breasts

6 cups Brown Rice

3 bunches Broccoli

2 pounds Carrots

1 large onion

2 Jalapenos

6 ounces Worcestershire sauce

6 ounces Pineapple juice

12 ounces frozen Sugar snap peas

Salt & Pepper

Step 2: Bake Chicken

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Salt and pepper chicken. Bake chicken breasts on a cookie sheet for 1 hour. Remove from oven and allow to cool for 15-20 minutes. Cut chicken into bite size pieces.

Step 3: Cook Rice

To cook the rice, bring 12 cups of water to boil, add 6 cups of rice and turn heat down to low. Cover pan and cook for 20 minutes. Turn off heat and add frozen sugar snap peas, cover and leave for another 10 minutes.

Step 4: Broccoli

Cut up broccoli, add water just enough to cover and cook on low for 15-20 minutes. Add broccoli to rice.

Mix 6 ounces pineapple juice and 6 ounces Worcestershire sauce, add to rice and stir well.

Step 5: Carrots

Peel 2 pounds carrots, slice. Place carrots in saucepan. Cut up 2 jalapenos (optional) and 1 onion. Add to carrots and cook on low heat, covered for 20-30 minutes.

Step 6: Wrap It Up and Freeze

Tear off 1 foot sections of freezer paper. Place a piece of freezer paper on the counter, shiny side up. Place about 1 cup of the rice mixture, 1/4 cup chicken and 1/4 cup carrot mixture. Wrap up and tape.

This recipe will make 32 portions.

Total cost was about $20, which comes out to about 65 cents per serving.

Best of all, it is delicious!

When you want to heat one serving up, place in microwave for 2 minutes. Unwrap and enjoy!

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