Introduction: Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

Step 1: Ingredients

• 3/4 cup of sugar
• 1 cup of all purpose plain flour
• 2 cups of dried oatmeal
• 1 scant teaspoon of pure baking soda
• 2 large grade A raw eggs
• 4 tablespoons of milk
• 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract
• 1 cup of semi sweat morsels
• 1 cup of pecans
• pinch of salt
WARNING-if allergic to any of the ingredients this is not for you!

Step 2: Materials

• 1 large bowl for mixing
• 3/4 measuring cup
• 1 cup measuring cup quantity 7
• 1 tablespoon measurer
• 1 teaspoon measurer
• oven
WARNING-you can get burned be careful
• electric chopper to cut the pecans
WARNING-be careful using this you can get cut by blades
• cookie sheets baking pan
• wire rack
• butter knife ( don’t cut yourself)
• disposable gloves (bring a spare)
• 2 table spoons ( regular spoons)
• Oven mittens
• timer
• rubber spatula

Step 3:

• Empty oven
• Turn oven on to 375 degrees UNLESS you are using dark baking sheets turn it to 350
• 1 oven rack in middle

Step 4:

Add 3/4 sugar to large mixing bowl

Step 5:

Add 2 cups of flour to large mixing bowl

Step 6:

Add 2 cups of oatmeal in large mixing bowl

Step 7:

•Use butter knife for scooping out1 cupped if packed shortening
• empty 1 cup of packed shortening in large mixing bowl

Step 8:

Add pinch of salt into large mixing bowl

Step 9:

Add 1 scant teaspoon of pure baking soda in large mixing pan
* Scant means a little less than

Step 10:

Add 4 tablespoons of milk in large mixing pan

Step 11:

Add one teaspoon of vanilla extract into large mixing bowl

Step 12:

Add 2 raw eggs into large mixing bowl

Step 13:

• Use disposable gloves to mix ingredients in large mixing bowl
• when mixing start from under the ingredients and flip it on top
• then push down
• then repeat
• try not to let it fall out of large mixing bowl

Step 14:

Add 1 cup of semi sweet morsels

Step 15:

• Chop 1 cup of pecans
• add 1 cup of mixed pecans in large mixing bowl
Warning be careful using cutter

Step 16:

Repeat step 13

Step 17:

• Use 2 regular spoons to scoop out batter on ungreased baking sheet
* make sure to flatten on baking sheet a little bit
• Make sure to separate the batter about an inch apart on baking sheet
• fill up baking sheet with the batter

Step 18:

• Put the baking sheets in oven
DANGER be careful can be burned
• set timer for 12 minutes

Step 19:

• Once the timer ends check cookies for browning on the bottom if not brown yet let it stay for another minute
• repeat process

Step 20:

Use oven mittens to take out the pans
Let them sit for 1 minute

Step 21:

• Use spatula to put the cookies on a wire rack
• Let them cool

Step 22:

You have made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies enjoy!