Introduction: Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake

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Sweet tooth, much?

I made this cheesecake with Domino cookies, the Finnish Oreo. It can be replaced with any chocolate cookie you want.

It is really easy to make. Just follow the steps, call your friends and enjoy this treat.

Happiness is a piece of cake!

Step 1: Ingredients / Utensils

For the cheesecake we will need:
  1. Philadelphia cream cheese 560g
  2. Granulated sugar 160g
  3. Corn starch 16g
  4. Cream 160g
  5. White chocolate 120g
  6. Eggs 140g (3 eggs)

For the bottom:

I used Domino cookies, approximately 2 packages (box in the image contains 3 packages).

This recipe was baked in a 22 x 17 cm ovenproof baking pan.

I apologize for not having the amounts in inches and cups.

Step 2: Procedure

For the bottom, I crushed the cookies alongside with the filling, it doesn't matter if they are not finely crumbled.

Melt a big table spoon of butter/margarine/coconut oil and mix it with the crumbs.

Now the cheesecake:

Mix 560g of cream cheese in a big mixing bowl with 160g of granulated sugar and 16g of corn starch. No standmixer is required, using a big spoon works just as fine.

On the side, heat 160g of cream and weight 120g of white chocolate. When the cream reaches almost boiling point, pour it on the chopped chocolate. Leave it for a minute and stir. It will result in a white chocolate ganache.

Once it cooled down a bit, mix both batches together and add the three eggs. It is important to mix with a spoon or a spatula, not a whisk.

Step 3: Let's Bake It!

So, once everything is done, we must bake it.

Most important rule ever, PREHEAT THE OVEN.

After mixing the butter with the cookie crumbles, flat them on the bottom of the baking pan, and pour the cheesecake mix in.

I decided to crumble few cookies in between the cheesecake batch, it is not a must, so feel free to skip that step.

The oven must be between 110/120°C, and it takes around 1h 45min to bake it.

When to know its ready? It won't stick to the finger when gently touching, and also when poking it with the knife, it should come out clean.

Take it out from the oven, let it cool and ENJOY.

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