Introduction: Chocolate Covered Mango, Strawberry and Nectarine Pops

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Chocolate Covered Mango, Strawberry and Nectarine Pops are one of my most favorite summertime treats. These whimsical popsicles will refresh you during hot summer days. The sour popsicle wonderfully compliments the sweet chocolate coating. This recipe is quite simple and easy for you to follow at home too.


Popsicle Ingredients:
-1 Cup Diced Mango
-1 and 1/2 Cups of Diced Strawberry
-1 and 1/2 Cups of Sliced Nectarine
-2 Tablespoons of Honey

Chocolate Coating:
-1 Cup Chocolate Chips
-1/2 Tablespoon Roasted Cocoa Nibs
-2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil
-2 Tablespoons Water

Step 1: Fruit Purée

To create the purée, you should first place the diced mangoes, strawberries and nectarines in a food processor. Begin to blend the fruit, until it forms a smooth paste. Then, mix together honey with the fruit purée to sweeten the mixture.

Step 2: Prep the Popsicles

To prep the popsicles, start of by pouring the fruit purée into your popsicle molds. Place these molds into the freezer for about 4-6 hours. To ensure that the popsicles were frozen, I left them in the freezer overnight. Once the popsicles are frozen, place them in a hot water bath for about 1-2 minutes. This will make it easier for you to pop the popsicles out of their molds.

Step 3: Chocolate Sauce

In a large saucepan combine together with your water, chocolate chips, coconut oil, roasted cocoa nibs. Place the saucepan with the ingredients on low flame on your stove. Stir together the ingredients to form a smooth sauce. You should remember to not burn the chocolate.

Step 4: Apply and Enjoy

Apply the chocolate sauce using a butter knife on the popsicle. Once you have applied the chocolate sauce, place the popsicles in the freezer for a few minutes and then enjoy. I really hope you try this recipe at home.

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