Introduction: Chocolate Finger-tips

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Thinking about Easter chocolates? We were. We did the usual little figurines and so on, but that was a bit dull. Then - brainwave - what's both gross and delicious? Chocolate finger-tips.
Using Pinky-sil silicone, fingers, and chocolate, you can offer your friends a unique Easter chocolate.

Step 1: Make the Moulds

Do the usual mould making - 1:1 mix of silicon, or whatever your stuff says. I used little plastic bottles as the formwork for the mould, didn't want to waste too much silicon. Egg cups would do, I guess, though you want something that will stand up as the chocolate sets.
I got my kids to use their fingers, but knowing they would wriggle around they set themselves up with books to read as the silicon takes about 20 mins to go off, longer if it is cold.
Once the silicon is set, it is not hard to get the fingers out; harder to get the moulds out of the forms. Make a little hole in the bottom of the forms, so air can get in as you lever/wriggle/ squeeze them out.

Step 2: Trim and Prepare

Trim the moulds, and check for any leaks where fingers may have touched the formwork - you'll need to patch these. Then get your chocolate sorted. Thanks to the excellent Scoochmaroo, who sent us wonderful chocolate, all the way to Kabul, we were able to do something really special. Thanks again! (and she didn't even know us!).

Step 3: Make Fingers

Pour your fingers. Make sure you shake and squeeze the chocolate down into the mould. We decided to put little toothpick-y things in them, both to add a handy handle and to possible insert the fingers later into, say, a cake.
Kids loved it, even though I got a bit terse as they (inevitably) wiggled as the silicon was settling…. but this is about involvement and creativity, not perfection.
I imagine these could look more realistic by blending in white chocolate. I suppose you could paint the nail too, with some kind of thin icing… dunno. Or try doing a whole finger… or a toe… or...

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