Introduction: Chocolate Raspberry Cake

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This is an easy to make cake that is sooo delicious. Many variatons allow you to adapt to any holiday or occasion. 

Step 1: Ingredients

1 box Chocolate Cake Mix
Eggs, Oil, water as mix calls for
One 12oz. bag Frozen Raspberries
24 oz. Cream Cheese icing
2 Tbs. Raspberry Preserves
¼ cup flour
Chocolate Sundae Syrup

Step 2: Prepare Cake Mix

Defrost berries by placing in colander and running lukewarm water over them. Drain very well.
Preheat oven and prepare cake mix as package directs.

Step 3: Prepare Pans & Make Batter

Prepare pans by spraying with vegetable spray (Pam). Place about 2 tbs. flour pan(s) and swirl to dust the bottom and sides. This makes removing the cake easier.
Pour batter into  two 8” round pans.

Step 4: Add Raspberries & Bake

Using a teaspoon, put little drops of raspberries over the batter. Use the baking times from the box as a guideline, cake may take a little longer.
Let cool enough to handle.

Step 5: Move to Serving Plate

Remove cake by inverting a dinner plate over the cake and flipping the plate and cake over. You want the bottom of the cake to be on the cake serving plate, so do this again with the cake serving plate. Spread the cake top with some raspberry preserves. They should melt in.

Step 6: Add Top Layer and Ice

Place second cake on top, both tops of the cake should be together. This gives you a flat cake surface (baker’s secret!)
I like to put some icing on while the cake is still warm so it melts in. Fill in the gaps between cake tops (middle of cake) with icing. Let cool then chill to make the first layer of icing firm and easier to work with.
Ice the sides then the top of the cake with the remaining icing until you no longer see the chocolate.

Step 7: A Wonderful Presentation

A great presentation is to drizzle chocolate syrup on the plate. Warm just a little preserves in the microwave for a few seconds and drizzle that with the chocolate. Place slice of cake on plate and drizzle a little more preserves over the chocolate cake.

Step 8: Variations

~Make it easier in a 13 x 9" pan, ice with cream cheese icing when cool
~Try it with chocolate icing.
~Use strawberries in place of raspberries.
~Use white cake mix with chopped (canned or frozen/thawed/drained) apples and walnuts.
~Use white cake mix with chopped (canned or frozen/thawed/drained) peaches and raspberries, top with vanilla cool whip.
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