Introduction: Chocolate Soda Bottle

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Hello, today I wan to show you how to make this chocolate soda, it can work with any bottle you have.

Step 1: Materials

All we need is chocolate to melt and a bottle (I used a Coke).

Step 2: Melt

Lets melt the chocolate in a double boiler. Stir to obtain a uniform mash.

Step 3: Disposable Piping Bag

Put some chocolate in a disposable piping bag and put all of it in the bottom of the bottle.

Step 4: Cover

With more chocolate you have to cover all the inside of the bottle with a thick layer of chocolate in all the inside of the bottle, trying to do it the most uniform but it's not necessary to do it perfectly. To do this you'll have to move your bottle and spin it around until you've covered it all.

Take it to the fridge so it can get cool.

Step 5: Take Out

Once the chocolate is cold and firm lets open the plastic bottle to release the chocolate. You can use a cutter to cut the plastic, you'll have to do this cutting little pieces so be patient.

Step 6: READY

Ready, put again the label in the bottle and serve it as you wish, I broke mine in two parts and added some strawberries to it.

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