Introduction: Chocolate & Strawberry RolyPoly

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This is a combination of to different swedish recepies. One is Dreamcake and the other is Strawberry rollupcake. Both are delicious but I wanted something new ;-)

Step 1: Ingredients

Cake : Eggs 3 Sugar 1,5 dl Potato starch 0,75dl Cocoa 2 tbs Baking powder 1tsp Filling : Strawberrys 300 grams Potato starch 2 tbs

Step 2: Form

Make a form for your cake batter from a cookie sheet by folding and stapling it into a shallow open box.

Step 3: Set Oven to 250 Degrees Celsius

Step 4: Batter Up : Eggs & Sugar

Whisk eggs and sugar fluffy. The fluffier the better. For real overkill separate the whites from the yolk and whip the whites and sugar to marengue before adding the yolks.

Step 5: Batter Up : Starch, Cocoa & Bakingpowder

Mix the potato starch, cocoa and baking powder in a separate bowl. I ended up sifting mine to get a good mix.

Step 6: Batter Up : Mix & Pour

Carefully stir in the dry mix with the eggs & sugar. Do not stir heavily and stop when it's done to get best results. Pour the batter into the form and spread gently into the corners. Put it in the oven for about 5 minutes. Put it aside to cool off.

Step 7: Filling

Mix strawberrys and starch to an even consistency and put it in a pot. I left mine a bit lumpy coz that's what I like. Cook on medium heat while stirring until it gets thick. Put it aside to cool down.

Step 8: Flip the Cake

Sprinkle sugar on your cake, unfold the corners and put a cookie sheet on it. Now carefully .. Lift it up and flip the cake upside down in one swift motion. Brush the underside of the cake with cold water and it will unstick enough to let you carefully peel off the cookie sheet.

Step 9: Bring It All Together

Spread the cooled filling evenly across the cake and roll'er up in the cookie sheet, making sure to get even pressure and not push out the filling. Keep the sheet rolled tightly around and put it all in the fridge to rest and shape up.