Introduction: Chocolate Whipped Cream Recipe

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I wanted to try making Starbucks' Molten Chocolate Frappuccino and decided I needed to make some chocolate whipped cream. I looked around the internet at what other people have done and then decided how I wanted to make the chocolate whipped cream.

I like to experiment and rather than experiment and then tell you the recipe I liked, I'm going to show you everything I tried, what I think, and let you decide how you want to make it. Enjoy this chocolate whipped cream recipe that is really easy to make.

Step 1: Supplies

I tested out three recipes when I did this and they all worked out fine. I'll compare the results in Step 4 and you can decide which one you want to make. Feel free to alter the recipes, just be aware that adding more chocolate syrup or more cocoa powder may affect the results because of consistencies, but you won't know until you try.

* You can add espresso powder to any of the recipes. One site I visited suggested 1-2tsps. I did 1ts the first time I did it and I didn't like how coffee-y it was. The second time I did 1/2 tsp and still didn't like how coffee-y it was, but I don't like coffee. So, add what you want. Anywhere from 1/2tsp - 2tsp should be fine. I don't want list espresso powder on each recipe, but this is just to let you know you can go ahead and add it.

Cocoa Powder Recipe:

Chocolate Syrup Recipe:

  • 1c Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 2tbsp Sugar
  • 2tbsp Chocolate Syrup

I used less sugar because the chocolate syrup is sweet unlike the cocoa powder which is not.

Cocoa Powder + Expresso Powder Recipe (I just wanted to test it out with espresso, you can still just add espresso to either of the two previous recipes:

~I believe you can just melt chocolate and mix that with the cream too and you'll probably get similar results to the chocolate syrup recipe. I didn't try that because I ran out of heavy whipping cream. A lot of recipes online for chocolate whipping cream melt chocolate, so I assume it works, but I'm not including a recipe as I simply didn't make it this way.


For Using (like in my pictures):

Step 2: Mix!

I'm going to show all three in the pictures, but here's all you need to do.

  1. Mix together everything but cream.
  2. Add a bit of cream and stir until everything is mixed.
  3. Here I suggest you slowly add more and more cream, stirring as you go, until it is all mixed in.
    1. If you have clumps, just try to smush them against the side of the bowl and incorporate them as much as you can.
  4. Refrigerate for an hour or overnight (This was suggested on SplendidTable)
  5. Whip it up! (Next Step)

Step 3: Time to Whip It Up!

There isn't too much to this. You just need to keep whipping it until you get soft peaks (I think my peaks were more hard than soft, but I was happy with the results).

Start whipping up your heavy whipping cream mix (I started with a whisk and quickly realized I was going to go crazy and switched to a hand mixer).

First, you'll get tons of bubbles.

Gradually the bubbles will go away and you'll slowly see it get thicker. If you're worried about over-mixing, just turn off your mixer and pull the whisk attachment out to see the consistency.

As it gets thicker, you'll see tracks being left behind by the whisk (picture 3).

Eventually it will become obviously thicker and clump up (picture 4).


Last picture: be careful when using too small of a bowl, I was splattering all over the place.

Step 4: Comparison

Okay, now to look at the results of all of them.

The first pictures shows all three (the top bowl was the one I used for my final shots, so there is less in the bowl because I forgot to take the picture sooner).

Second picture | Cocoa Powder Recipe: the cocoa powder gave the darkest results, but I thought it tasted the same as the syrup one.

Third picture | Chocolate Syrup Recipe: like I said, it seemed lighter (almost on off-brown color) than the cocoa powder, but still tasted great.

Fourth picture | using espresso powder: You can see the grains of the espresso powder (but I think that has more to do with what I used), and it will, of course, taste coffee-y, but other than that, it came out darker like the cocoa powder recipe.

All in all, they're all good. I would say to use cocoa powder if you care about it being darker, but other than that, there isn't much of a difference. They seemed to come up with similar flavors/sweetness.

Step 5: More Pictures

Just me trying to be fancy!

I piped some on a Trader Joes Lava Cake. So good, soooooo much chocolate. Maybe too much chocolate.

Interesting note: I noticed that this whipped cream will hold it's shape for a long time after you pipe it and if you leave it out. The only time it "melted" or lost its shape, was on the hot lava cake. Otherwise, it really just sits there pretty stiff (but maybe it's because of how much I whipped it).

Use it as soon as you can. It probably won't last more than an hour or so in the fridge. Well, it lasts, but the consistency changes as it sits in the fridge.