Introduction: Chocolate/Blueberry Smoothie

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This is my multipurpose smoothie, I've used it as a substitute for breakfast, a pre-bike-ride meal or a post-bike-ride recovery drink.

Step 1: The Recipe

Ingredients - for a single serving
1/2 Cup - Blueberries
1 scoop - Chocolate Whey Protein powder (whatever the "scoop" size is that comes with brand you buy)
1 Cup - Skim Milk
2 Tbsp - Flaxseed (ground or whole)
3/4 oz - Almonds (any type will do, I used the Cocoa Roast Almonds that I had on hand)

Optional :
If you want a little extra sweetness (some people don't like the taste of Flaxseed) try adding one or both of the following:
1/2 a small (6 - 6-1/2") Banana
1-2 oz - Orange or Apple Juice

Step 2: Lets Mix It Up!

1) Place the blueberries and almonds in the blender first and then place the remaining ingredients on top of those.

2) The blending is a two step process (for best results). On the Vita-Mix blender, start with left switch set to "VARIABLE" the center dial set to "4" and then flip the right switch to "On" and blend at this lower speed for 15-20 seconds. Then immediately flip the Left switch to "HIGH" and continue to blend for 30 seconds.

3) Switch the blender off and you're ready to enjoy your smoothie.

4) You'll need an approx.16oz glass for the finished single serving of this smoothie recipe.

Step 3: Nutritional Info

A single serving of the "base" smoothie, (with none of the optional ingredients) will have approx. the following values (estimates base on the available information for the individual ingredients):
470 Calories
30g Carb's
10g Fiber
37g Protein
7g Total fat

I hope you enjoy this smoothie, it also has the benefits of 2400mg of Omega 3 fatty acids (the Flaxseed) and well as other anti-oxidants (blueberries).

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