Introduction: Chopping a Butternut Squash

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My favourite squash - the butternut squash can be tricky to chop up. It's smooth form yet tough consistency requires a good technique.

I've perfected my method for chopping this squash with as little fuss and waste as possible.

Step 1: Chop Into Sections

Although less bulbous than other members of the squash family, the seed section of the butternut is rounder and requires a different method for chopping than the rest.

I tend to think of the squash as having two parts: the neck and the round - and that's how I'll refer to them.

  1. Chop the top and end off of the squash to discard;
  2. At the point that the squash starts to round out, cut the round away from the neck;
  3. Cut the round in half.

Step 2: Peel and Chop the Neck

The best part of the butternut squash, the neck, is the meatiest. To peel and chop this section:

  1. Place the neck on its end on the cutting board;
  2. Using a large, sharp knife, slice down the edge of the squash, cutting away just the peel;
  3. Once the entire neck is peeled; place the squash on its side;
  4. Slice the neck into inch-wide "steaks" (you can stop before the next step and grill these as is);
  5. Stack the steaks 3-4 high and chop into quarters.

Step 3: Seed, Peel and Chop the Round

The round takes a bit more time, but is no harder to accomplish.

  1. Remove the seeds from the round using a metal spoon;
  2. Chop the round into inch wide slices with a large knife;
  3. Switch to a small knife and peel the rind from each of the small slices;
  4. Chop the slices.

Step 4: Ready to Use

Add the chopped butternut squash to any of your favourite recipes!