Introduction: Chopping Board

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You know, for chopping stuff.

Has a strainer for straining stuff that you chopped

Step 1: Cut Wood

The board is made up of smaller pieces of oak.

Edges a sanded, holes drilled for the dowels, glued and clamped.

Step 2: Cut Out Waste Wood

Run outside edges through a router to round off the corners.
Pencil outline the strainer.
Scroll saw out the strainer hole.
Router the edge to match the inside corner of the strainer. Note how the strainer sits in to the board and is flush with the chopping surface.

Step 3: Finish Up

Router out board where it meets the lips of the sink, to help it stay in place and not fall in the sink.
Sand board with the grain.
Condition wood with butchers block oil.
Go chop stuff.