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I've always loved alternative wedding bouquets and when a bride to be asked me to make her a Christmas bubble bouquet I was ecstatic as I so wanted to make this.

I felt I should pay her for giving me this opportunity, lol! I made bubble bouquet for the bridesmaids too. The colours, of course, can be changed to how you want it, but as this was a Christmas theme wedding we went for Christmas colours.

Step 1: Go Bubble Shopping for Materials

So basically you need to hunt for bubbles the colours you want. As it was for a Christmas wedding, the balls were red for the bride and gold for the bridesmaids. We were fortunate to get gloss, matt and glitter balls in various sizes in one container. The rest of the items needed are listed below

  • A few pine cones
  • babies breath - in this instance we went for artificial as we couldn't find real ones in our time frame.
  • artificial cranberries.
  • evergreen leaves.
  • wire and floral tape.
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks.
  • synthetic wadding
  • ribbon
  • floral tape

Step 2: Preparing the Bubbles and Other Elements of the Bouquet

Get various sizes of bubbles and various types too. We got gloss, matt and glitter balls in various sizes.

Dismantle the gold hanging parts from the ball. it comes off pretty easily.

Cut the wire at 8 inches length. bend the tip at a small angle.

Place the bend inside the ball and fill it with hot glue to hold it in place.

Now wrap the wire with floral tape.

Prepare the other elements too.

I bunched up 3 cranberries and wrapped them up with floral wire and then taped them up with floral tape.

The pinecone I drilled a very small hole under and hot glued a thick wire. Then wrapped it up with floral tape too.

I'm sorry I don't have a picture of that as it seems to have got deleted from my phone.

Now that your elements are ready it's time to make the bouquets!

Step 3: Layer It Up!

For the red bubbles bouquet, I went with babies breath, pinecone and greens.

Start gathering each element and start twisting the wire around each other so it gets attached. Though the first I added one sprig of babies breath...I kept the rest and the pinecone for the last. Try to avoid the same type of balls together.

Place the greens and wrap it up with the wire of the bubbles. Look at it from all angles and see what needs to be added. Finally, add the pinecone proportionately and babies breath too. I placed all 5 pinecones evenly apart.

Step 4: Make It Comfortable.

Now all those wires won't feel comfortable to hold. so we need to make it comfortable. Wrap excess long wire firmly around the stems making a handle. Cut off excess.

place a piece of wadding around and under the stems. Now cover it with a ribbon.

A beautiful bouquet is a must for the bride on her wedding day...but comfort is important too!

Step 5: Match the Groomsmen

Here is some additional stuff I made to match the theme.

The bride asked if it was possible to make some boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen.

As there were some leftover cranberries and enough of evergreens. I just placed a combination of evergreens babies breath and cranberries and wrapped it up with jute rope. It turned out pretty cute! I then hot glued some brooch pins to the back.

Step 6: Admire!

My bride was pretty happy with the bouquets I made and I was ecstatic that she loved it! In this DIY community, I think we all know the feeling we get with a job well done and the added bonus when the customer loves it!

Let me know what you think of these bouquets and please vote for it in the Rainbow contest. I would like to check out the possibilities of a 3D printer :-D

Thanks in advance!

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