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Introduction: Christmas Card Ornaments

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Let's recycle those Christmas cards!

I received several beautiful, brightly colored cards this year and enjoyed displaying them during the holiday season, but now it's time to take them down.

This is a lovely way to use them again next year.

Step 1: Supplies

For this project you will need:

Old Christmas cards


Measuring tape




scotch tape

Step 2: Cut Out Circles

For one ornament you will need 8 circles. I had enough cards for 2 ornaments.

Make a 3" circle pattern. Place the circles where you will get the majority of the designs on the cards.

Cut out circles.

Step 3: Triangle

Measure and cut out a triangle with 2-3/4" sides.

On the back of each circle, take the triangle and center it on the back of each circle.

Trace around triangle with pencil.

Place a circle face up in front of you. Fold upward on the lines.

Repeat with remaining circles.

Step 4: Staple Together

Match up the folds on 2 circles and staple near the fold.

Repeat with 3 remaining pairs.

Attach one pair to another with staple, near the fold.

Tape a loop of string to the inside before stapling the top section to the bottom section.

You should have 4 circles on top and 4 circles on bottom.

Hang ornament from loop.

When storing the ornaments, wrap loosely in tissue paper.

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4 years ago

Great idea! And it kills two birds with one stone: Make ornaments for one and it's a way to do something with those old Christmas cards that are so hard to get rid of anyway. Thank you for sharing!


4 years ago

A wonderful lesson! I have made these MATHEMATICAL ORNAMENTS with students --teaching geometry. Using Greeting cards will be a plus to the lesson!


6 years ago

i really like these

Slurpy Chime
Slurpy Chime

6 years ago

its a good idea for a creative card