Introduction: Christmas Deco Made of PASTA

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Today I am going to guide you through my favorite way of using pasta besides eating it.

Dry pasta is very decorative on its own, it's easy to work with, only a few things are needed.


Glue gun

Different sorts of pasta (penne, maccheroni, farfalle, pipette rigate ...- sorry, but I have no clue about the names in English)




cardboard box (I used a cereal box)


silver paint spray

red glitter

glue spray

small wooden balls

Step 1: Christmas Tree - the Base

1. Cut round the edges of the top of the box.

2. Fold it into a cone.

3. Fix the bottom with a stapler - this is just a temporary to help you with gluing.

4. Glue the edges with hot glue. Now, you have a paper ice cream cone, we need to make it stand.

5. Measure where it is the shortest from the tip and mark the same distance at 6-8 points around your cone.

6. Using the marks to guide you, cut a straight bottom.

Step 2: Christmas Tree - Pasta Time!

Starting at the bottom, going around the form, glue the pasta to the cone one by one. When you've finished with the first row, start the next one so that the pasta pieces slightly overlap. I used farfalle, but other types of pasta should work just as good. Don't worry about the small gaps in between, after spray - painting, it will be unnoticeable.

Step 3: Snowflake

I made a snowflake out of 5x2 pieces of penne glued together in pairs and placed in a star form, and I put heart - shaped pasta in between . Originally I was planning to use wheel shaped pasta (ruote) , but I bumped into these, and could not resist.

First, glue together the penne two by two to form arrows, glue the center of the arrows to end up with a star, then glue any decorative pasta between. Finally, I glued 4 pipette rigate facing outwards in the middle.

Step 4: Angels

I chose maccheroni for the body, glued two of them together, then farfalle for the wings. glued a small wooden ball on top as a head and put these tiny pieces of pasta you can see in the photos for the hair. Will anybody help me with the name? I'm lost...

Step 5: Finishing Touches

I spray - painted them silver. As for the Christmas tree, I waited for the paint to dry, then sprayed it here and there with glue spray and scattered red glitter on top.

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