Introduction: Christmas Gnomes

Because times are difficult right now because of the pandemic, I thought I would try to bring some holiday cheer!
I will be showing you how to make a simple and cute Christmas gnome.


The Supplies:

- Faux Fur

- Scrap fabric or fabric from a old t-shirt will work

- Socks. Any size sock will do it just depends on how big you want your gnome

- Beans or rice to fill the sock with. This will make the gnome stay in place.

- Wooden Beads

- Hot Glue

-Rubber bands or hair ties

Optional- Jingle bells and stickers to decorate the hat of the gnome.

Step 1: Making the Body

First you want to take your sock and fill it with your beans or rice. Any size sock will do, it just depends on how big you want your gnome.

Then you’ll want to fill the sock with the beans or rice. I used chick peas.

Then you’ll need to tie the sock with a rubber band.

Step 2: Adding the Beard

I bought a big sheet of the faux fur so I had to cut a smaller piece out of it.

Then you’ll need to mark how much beard you want. You’ll need to leave about an inch to an inch and a half of the sock at the top so that you can fit your hat on.

After you mark how much beard you need, you’ll need to cut it out. After cutting out the beard it should resemble a half moon shape. After you cut out the beard you’ll need to fit it onto the body. After your happy with how it looks you can glue it on.

When you have the beard on you can add the nose. This is where you’ll need the wooden beads. It’s up to you to pick the size of bead you want. You’ll want to separate the beard a little bit in the middle so that you can glue on the bead.

Step 3: Making the Hat

Now that you have the beard on you can move on to making the hat.

First you need to take your fabric and wrap it around the gnomes head, and overlap about a half an inch. Cut off any extra fabric.
Now you need to figure out how tall you want your hat. I didn’t make mine to big. After you figured out the size you can cut the fabric. I decided to make my hat pointy so I cut the fabric diagonally. Once you cut the fabric and are satisfied with the shape of it you need to hot glue one edge of the front side of the fabric. Then you can turn it inside out. Finally you can fit the hat on the gnomes head and glue it on.

Step 4: Accessorize! (If You Want)

Now that you have your gnome all ready you can add a little something to make it even cuter. With the hat I folded it down a little bit and added a cute little bell to the end. I added a little sticker to the side to make it look like a little pin. You can add whatever you want to make your gnome YOURS.

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