Introduction: Christmas Is Coming Reindeer

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Brace yourself - Christmas is coming! And what better way to celebrate the impending holiday than to spruce up your wall with some Game of Thrones inspired holiday goodness?!

Here is how I put together a Christmas is coming reindeer decoration:

Step 1: Materials

The materials I used:

1/2 Plywood (2'x2' for backing, at least 1 1/2'x 1 1/2' for the reindeer)
3/4" pine (for frame)
#10 screw inserts (I used 6)
#10 1 1/4" bolts (I used 6)
1/2" spacers (I used 6)
Paint (I used chalboard paint and white paint)
Wood stain (I used Early American)


Drill (or drill press)
Scroll saw
Box cutter (or carving knife, or a CNC)
45 degree clamps
Inkscape (or Illustrator, or equivalent)

Step 2: Design and Cut the Reindeer

I started by bringing some artwork of the reindeer into Inkscape, and tracing the image. I added the lettering (had to download a Game of Thrones font), then combined the lettering with the outline of the reindeer. I sized the reindeer to the size I wanted, then printed it out (make sure to tile print, and not fit to page).

I took my printout, traced it onto the 1/2" plywood, then cut it out on a bandsaw.

Step 3: Carve and Paint the Lettering

I traced the lettering onto the reindeer, then took a box cutter and carved out the letters. I took the chalkboard paint and painted the letters, then once dry I sanded the surface of the reindeer down. Having the letters carved meant that any paint outside the carved parts would be sanded away.

Step 4: Cleanup and Paint the Reindeer

I took some sandpaper and sanded all the outside edges of the reindeer, then drilled a hole into the inside section of the antlers that still needed cut out. I fed a scroll saw blade into the hole and cut out the inside piece.

I then took some white paint and painted the reindeer.

Step 5: Making the Frame

I cut out a 2'x2' piece of 1/2" plywood and painted it black with the chalkboard paint.

I took some scrap pieces of 3/4" pine and cut them to length to fit around the plywood backing. I cut the edges to a 45 degree, then used a 45 degree clamp to glue the frame pieces together.

I took the frame, stained it Early American, and then glued it to the 2x2 piece.

Step 6: Setting the Reindeer

I drilled holes into various places on the back of the reindeer, and then glued and hammered some screw inserts into the holes. I lined up the reindeer where I wanted it on the frame, then marked and drilled holes into the frame.

I fed the 1 1/4" bolts through the back of the frame, put the 1/2" spacers on each bolt, then attached the reindeer to the frame. I slowly screwed in each bolt on the back of the frame till the reindeer was tight against each spacer.

Step 7: Hang and Enjoy

Now that it's done, you can hang it on your wall and enjoy!

Which I did.

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