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Introduction: Christmas Light Tunnel

Here is how I made my thirty foot PVC arches going down my driveway.  They only use a few pieces of PVC and a single strand of C7 bulbs.  This is a very simple build that almost anyone can do and it looks great.

Step 1: Supplies and How To

3 - 10' / 3/4" PVC pipe
2 - 3/4" PVC connectors
2 - 4' 1/2 rebar
1 String on C7 Christmas lights any color
Drill with bit(optional)
PVC glue
Duct tape
** I made 6 arches so adjust your supplies as needed.

How To
Begin by gluing the PVC connectors to one side of the pipes.  I left the other side loose so that it can be taken down and folded up for storage.    Now connect all the pipes together(loosely) and use a piece of duct tape over each connector so they don't come apart until you want them too.

You have a few different ways of connecting the lights.  One way is to drill a hole the size of the clip found on the light socket.  Another way is to simply put tape on both sides of the light, or maybe do both it's up to you.  **Take care to attach the lights in a nice straight line** 

Next hammer your rebar into the ground about half way.   Depending on your driveway width and your car height adjust the distance.  My rebar is approx. 2 feet off the driveway on either side.   Get someone to help you and from each side lift up the PVC and slide it over the rebar.  **Put all of the male plug sides on the side of your driveway that will have the extension cords**

There is some sway in the wind but I have not had any problems with them so far.

Plug your extension cords in and your done.  You now have a lighted Christmas tunnel that all the neighbors will be jealous of.   I have mine plugged into a Mr. Christmas display and it makes for a nice little show.

Step 2: Finished

I hope you liked my Christmas light tunnel and make one for yourself.   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Addition thoughts
-To spruce up the arches in the day time try stringing some Christmas garland across to hide the white of the pvc.  
-When you take them down to store get some bungees and wrap the whole lot into one bundle for easy carrying.
- Use LED lights

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    Question 4 years ago on Introduction

    What did you put in the ground to hold the pole


    Reply 4 years ago

    I use 4 foot rebar. It's kind of annoying each year to hammer them in, but it works.


    5 years ago

    is there a reason you used 3/4 vs 1/2 inch pvc?


    Reply 5 years ago

    I would say strength. I don't recall testing it, but I don't think 1/2 would hold shape well enough. I just had two connectors snap this year while putting them up. PVC does not like the elements over the years.

    Bosun Rick
    Bosun Rick

    12 years ago on Step 2

    Several comments/questions
    1. How about painting the PVC black to hide it?
    2. Use multi function lights to add some pizz-azz!
    3. Split the PVC, and drill it to accomodate the lights.
    Then thread the lights & wiring inside of the tubes.
    (split the couplings also, to allow wiring)
    This would protect the wiring from the elements, make storage easier,
    & make for a cleaner installaition.
    Great 'ible!


    Reply 12 years ago on Step 2

    Thanks for your comments here are my reply's,

    1. I plan on painting them when I upgrade to LED. Either candy cane or a solid color.
    2. The arches are connected to a LOR controller for lots of pizz-azz
    3. I like that idea and might do that when I upgrade to LED.


    13 years ago on Step 2

     I'm wishing I had a nice long driveway to do this on. Maybe a smaller scale version over my walkway.......

    Nice light display