Introduction: Magnetic Sweeper

This simple and inexpensive tool(assuming you have the magnets) was worth the 10 minutes and scrap material it took to build. 1000 times over. That's about how many nails,staples and screws I found the first time I used it. Quick back story. I had a new roof installed and even though the builder promised to clean up. We were seeing a lot of nails in the mulch and yard. Then our son's friend gets a nail straight through his foot while running in the neighbors yard. That's when the wife asked me to do something about it. I could have bought a magnetic sweeper but what's the fun in that.

Step 1: The Build


  • PVC pipe - Your choice of size but I used 1/2". 1 - 4' and 2 - 16" pcs'
  • 1 - T connector
  • 3 - End caps
  • Strong magnets that fit into your pipe. I needed about 10 - 1/2"x3" neodymium bars. (I just did a quick search and it might be cheaper to buy this tool if you don't have magnets)


  • Any saw
  • PVC glue
  • Duct tape

The Build

This is a very simple build.

  1. Cut, test fit then glue your T shaped sweeper together.
  2. Lay out a strip of duct tape the length of your pipe. See picture. Then put down your magnets in a row all facing the same direction.
  3. Cover them over with tape and slide it down the pipe.
  4. Cap or tape over the ends of the pipe and your done.

Now drag/rake your new tool through the mulch beds, grass,over the driveway or wherever. If you recently installed a new roof. You will be amazed at what you pick up and don't be surprised when your friends want to borrow it.