Introduction: Christmas Multicolored Scene

This is my scene where I used A LOT of colors (maybe all)

The colors I used:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Green, Light Blue, Purple, Violet, Black, Brown, White

Step 1: The Main Green EVERYTHING - HOLDER

This is the part which is going to be the main holder - of - everything. The color will be green ( 169e1a ) It was super easy to make it, as all I used is: a cylinder, some boxes (rectangular), a bigger cylinder (main), and a smaller cylinder-hole to cut "the big cylinder".

Step 2: Decorate the Main

It was very fun decorating the Main mainly (:)) because I got to choose what to decorate with.I decorated with diamonds, starts and a bow. Also we need to cut the edges of the Main.

Step 3: Making the Hanger

It is important to have a hanger, because at the end we are going to hang our toy on a Christmas Tree!

Step 4: Making the Christmas Tree and Decorating It

Making is Christmas tree was interesting, and do you know what is even more interesting? Decorating it...!!

Step 5: Making the Snowman

It was fun making a snowman (at least somehow! in winter - NO SNOW ((in our country, no idea how is it in other)), and even if there IS, QUARANTINE!!!)

Step 6: Hanging the Toy and Putting Snow

Easy and beautiful step!!!

Step 7: Making the Strangely Appeared Rainbow

Strange isn't it? Snow and rainbow...

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