Introduction: Space Ship (connectors)

Enjoy my space ship! I think I can win the "connectors" prize because I connected SO MANY THINGS!!

Step 1: Mini Rockets


Using: 1 paraboloid, 1 big grey cylinder, 1 small white cylinder, 4 fat white tubes, 1 thin white tube, 2 wide grey boxes-rectangles, 1 not wide black box-rectangle

Connnect to long thin orange cylinder.

Step 2: Solar Energy Tiles


1. Using: 8 blue small boxes-rectangles, 2 medium grey spheres, 1 long fat grey cylinder, 2 medium thin black cylinders.


2. Using: 2 medium red boxes-rectangles, 1 big grey changed ring


Combine all

Step 3: Main Part


Using: 1 long grey fat cylinder, 2 small rings, 1 gigantic changed long grey ring, 1 fat medium grey tube, 1 medium sphere, 1 small sphere


Step 4: Details to the Main Part + Propeller

1. Using: 2 black square-tapered..., 2 blue breadboards, 1 long big white sphere

Put in the middle of the Main Part

2. Using: 1 short black thin cylinder, 1 small blue propeller

Put in front of the Main Part

Step 5: Put Everything Together

Using: Full Main Part, Mini Rocket model, Solar Energy Tiles

Put Mini Rockets at the back of The Main Part

Put Solar Energy Tiles at the middle of The Main Part

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