Introduction: Christmas Ornaments/Gift Tag's

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The holiday season is filling the air, with some of the happiest memories we will have while listening to the Christmas music, and pulling out new and old ornaments to fill the tree. The Best ones we will reflect on are the hand made ones that were shared with love. Who made them!.. The year!.... To keep these tradition for years to come we continue to build more memory's.

To start your own handmade memory, ornament collection, begin with your recycling bin some card board, pop cans, scrap papers and lace from other projects.

Tools and Materials

- Corrugated cardboard

- Scrap paper or card stock

- Lace and fabric materials

- Craft wire and cutting and twisting tool

-Cropodile or a tool that makes holes and can add eyelets

- Metal letter stamping or tapping tools

- Recycled pop cans

- Label punch

- paints to alter metal

- Tacky glue

I had ready some 2'1/2 x 2'1/2 card board pieces, have them off to the side, for my next step, but before I start to tare off the top layers reviling the corrugated insides, I punch out my shape for my labels, on those labels I stamp out my sentiment witch is (Love 2015) I finger painted them to look like rustic old metal them left them to the side. Moving on I have chosen a cream card stock and stamped with rubber stamp a snowflake and ink the edges, Gluing the card stock down to my corrugated side of square. I have to continue with my labels adding the lace and fabric behind it, then adding hole and eyelets to that and gluing down on squares bottom left side.The last detail is to add hole to top to add wire and twist wire to hold the hanger of the ornament.

This is a fun project that now you can use as a tag on a gift or hang on your tree. I hope this idea sparks some inspiration for you.

For more details on how to please watch how I made them on my video.

Thank you

Ilene McInnes