Painted Face, Butterfly Art "Around the World Inspirations"

Introduction: Painted Face, Butterfly Art "Around the World Inspirations"

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Butterfly wing Art is a common folk art in the Central Africa. Each Picture is composed of many butterfly wings.In these pieces wings are carefully arranged to create beautiful senses and animals, In Authentic Butterfly wing Art the whole piece is all composed of butterfly wings.

Supplies :

-Canvas board

-DecoArts Paints and Metallic Lusters

-Stencil of choice

-Tacky glue

-Dollar store Butterflies, sticker or punched outs

In My project I lightly sketched a profile picture onto my canvas then I have decided to paint My profile and pasted my faux butterflies down as hair. Try large bold shapes they will be easier to collage the butterflies on. I then finished up my project with a little inspirational quote and a little detail using a stencil which helped pull the piece together.

Hope This has inspired you watch the video and give it a try, and enjoy this project as much as I have.

Ilene McInnes

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