Introduction: Christmas Pails/Lanterns/Gift Cans (Recycle)

I kept on forgetting to take my cans to be recycled , and they kept falling out everywhere. So I decided I would recycle them myself. Since it's Christmas , it seemed like a good idea to do them up and give them away.

For this project you'll need a few things.


Paint and brushes . If you want to paint the cans.

A long nail with head and a hammer. ( If you plan on putting holes in your can.)

Wire . I picked up some wire for making jewellery . The wire is for making the handle.
You'll need something to cut the wire with as well.

A glue gun . If you don't have that , super/krazy glue will work. Even tape. It will be use to do up your can.

Candle/s , or Flameless candle. I picked up 2 flameless  for $1 at the Dollar Tree.

You need ribbon , pine cones , beads , what ever you wish to make you pail/lantern special.

Step 1: Step 1

Once you got your empty can , you'll need to take the paper off and wash it good and dry it. Try your best at getting the glue off the side of the can. If it wont come off just leave it , and use the good side of the can.

Once your done with that , you'll need to decide if you want a handle on it or not. If so , find a long nail with a head on it , and a hammer , and something hard to put inside the can to keep it from bending when you make the holes. I used a piece of  2 by 4. But use what you got.

If your making a lantern, now is the time to decide your design on your can. You can use a marker to map it out. Once that is done , get to pounding. Just make sure you don't hit your fingers.

Next if you are adding a handle grab your wire , and make it. Make sure you twist up the ends, and cut off the extra.

After that is done , if you want to paint your can, go right ahead . I used acrylics to paint on mine. You may have to do 2-3 layers , to get it the way you like. If your not the painting kind of person. Skip this step , and think about what you want to do with your can.

Step 2: Step 2

Now that you have it painted you may need to re poke the holes. I used a paper clip and poked it in the holes and it looked fine.

Next you'll need your glue gun , glue , tape , ribbon, beads , or what every you plan on to use to do up your can. Be creative ! Keep in mind the materials you are using. If you plan to put a candle in it , make sure what you add wont get hot and catch fire.

Step 3: Step 3

After you have your can the way you like . Add the candle , or flameless candle.

If you did a pail or just painted your can instead , add your gifts.

Here are some ideas. Add Hot Coco packets , candy, small toys , and cookies. You can also pick up some candy bags and use it to wrap your can. Making it look kinda like a gift basket, or in this case a gift can.

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