Introduction: Christmas Tissue Paper Poppers

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Poppers are an awesome treat for the holidays. There good for advent calendars, small gifts for parties, and just to have fun with! Here is how to make Christmas themed tissue paper poppers.


  • Red tissue paper
  • Colorful string
  • Cardboard tube (Preferably a toilet paper roll)
  • Paper confetti
  • Regular or double sided tape
  1. Get your cardboard roll and cut it in half. This is where the confetti is going to be stored in the popper.
  2. Spread out your piece of tissue paper. Make sure it is long enough to wrap around the tubes twice, and wide enough so there is at least an inch of extra space around the cardboard.
  3. Tape the cardboard rolls next to each other on the tissue paper. Then put double stick tape, or rolled up pieces of tape on the rolls. This is so the rolls stick to the paper when you roll it up.
  4. Start rolling the cardboard so you cover all of the tissue paper around it. Then tape the edge of the paper to it so it doesn't unroll.
  5. Closely tie one side of the tissue paper with the string. Then, fill the other side of the paper with confetti or anything of your choice. I made the confetti by cutting up pieces of paper.
  6. Tie this side with string tightly enough so nothing falls out. Then you're done!

To use the popper, all you have to do is pull the ends so it breaks. Then all of the confetti and stuff inside of it will cascade to the ground.

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