Introduction: Christmas Ornaments From Toys!

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Toys as ornaments!

Step 1:

My cat loves to climb and steal ornaments,so glass is
a no no.

Step 2: Anything Goes

This is just a simple idea of using toys from happy meals
and such as ornaments on the tree.
Lots of this stuff are toys my kids and I loved, so they mean
something more than ornaments made for that purpose.
Guests look over our tree and laugh and point out catdog
or spock or the float from animal house. The keys from
a crib they had 5 years ago can trigger a story of baby's
first Christmas.

Step 3:

Some items can hang but others need a hook. I tie a ribbon on
some items, while others a teacup hook is screwed into the top.
Plastic figures need a pilot hole drilled into their head and the
teacup hook inserted.

Step 4:

Don't be bashful, some people might poo poo the idea,
but hey! it's our tree. My kids love to put the ornaments
on. Since they are kid toys, they are safe.

Step 5:

Have a Merry Christmas and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.