Introduction: DIY Paper Cut Wall Art

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Have an empty wall? then this instructable can really help you!
I always look for easy crafting, art and sewing. Paper cut art is one of my favorite. In this instructable will show you how to make an easy, colorful, cheap yet lovely wall art.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Materials needed to make this wall art:-

  1. Colored craft paper,
  2. Pencil,
  3. Glue,
  4. Scissors,
  5. Art paper.

Step 2: Cutting Leaf Shapes

Use colorful craft paper to make this wall art.

Cut out lance-shaped or basic leaf shaped paper pieces as much as you can.

Cut them in different sizes, so that the art doesn't look dull.

Step 3: Preparing the Background

Measure and cut art paper for the background.

Size of the background depends on your choice.

Draw a Thin border on the background using ruler and pencil. Use pencil so that you can erase the border later.

Step 4: The Art!

Start sticking the lance-shaped or basic leaf shaped paper pieces on the background.

You can outline the design of your art before starting, but I think it's fun not to. I started randomly and kept going. At the end it turned out beautiful itself!

After you're done creating the main design then you can stick few more small paper pieces to fill empty corners (if you want). I also glued small paper pieces over the big ones, to make the wall art look more colorful.

Step 5: Wall Art-3

Starting these arts without any design in your mind is really fun! I find it easier than the stretched triangle art I've posted before.

Step 6: Framing

You can frame your art from a nearby printing shop, local stores or simply frame it yourself. This time I didn't frame them myself, didn't have much time, so had to frame them from a local printing shop.

One technique is to laminate the art from any store ( local stores, printing shops), or do it yourself if you have a laminating machine. Then attach (with glue) the laminated art work on a hardboard of the same size. Use utility knife to cut the hardboard. After gluing the art with the hardboard, attach a hanging mechanism.
I've shown another framing technique on my 'Easy Wall Decor' instructable.

I hope you enjoy making this wall art.

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