Introduction: Chunky Blanket With Crochet Flowers

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I decided to do my own take on HollyMann's chunky Hand-Knitted Blanket. I have been seeing these knitted blankets everywhere and decided to try it. Instead of just the blanket, I wanted to add something else to it so I added knitted flowers.

The blanket I made from this tutorial took me about two hours, give or take, and I spent $40 dollars on the whole project. I didn't spend any money on the flowers since I already had all the needed materials. Here are the materials/tools list.

Materials: two balls of yarn (two colors)

Tools: Crochet Needle, scissors, yarn needle, and time.

Step 1: Follow a Tutorial for a Chunky Blanket

Obviously to start this project you need to have already made the blanket ( the tutorial I used). I have included pictures of how my blanket came out, like me you can also use multiple colors to make different patterns. While making the blanket decide how big you want it. I used five balls of yarn, and the end dimensions are 33 inches by 55 inches. I personally did 25 stitches to start, unlike the 16 stitches that the first instructable recommended.

Step 2: Starting the Flower

For the flower, I used this tutorial from youtube

I made a few changes to the design the first being instead of chaining four I chained six to give myself more room and a bigger flower. The next being instead of five petals I decided to do four. If you're new to crocheting then this is a good beginning project. Here are some pictures of a flower I made. I made seven flowers to fit the way I want to put them on the blanket.

Step 3: The Stem

To add a little bit more I made a single chain that is a little longer than the width of the blanket. All together the chain is 38 inches and stitches. I added a video of how I made the chain.

To make it add a slip knot on your finger, then wrap the yarn over your finger to make another loop. Next, pull the first loop you made over the second, and repeat this process as many times as necessary to fit your blanket.

Step 4: Adding the Flowers and Stem

I placed the flowers in the blue section between the white but depending on how you make this will depend on where you want them. First I put down the stem in a wavy formation that has about 3 rows in between each flower. I placed the first flower over the stem 2 stitches in from the side and placed the others every three stitches. Here is a picture.

First I tied down the flowers on to the stem with the excess yarn on them. Next using a yarn needle I sewed the chain onto the blanket with the same yarn I used to make the chain. I just used a running stitch and weaved in between the chunky yarn.

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