Introduction: Chunky Spaghetti

This spaghetti recipe is easy and good for family meals. It's quick to make and fun.


Ingredients Needed:

1 full Green pepper

½ of an Onion

1 cup of Mushrooms

1 pound of Ground Beef

6 cups of Water

5 servings of spaghetti noodles

1 full 100ml jar of spaghetti sauce

Step 1:

Take out the pre-thawed meat from the fridge.

Step 2:

Boil the 6 cups of water in a pot that can hold about 7 cups of water. Break ground beef up into smaller pieces that are able to fit in someone's mouth.

Step 3:

While cooking the meat move it around so it doesn’t burn to the pan. Cook meat until there is no red and fully brown.

Step 4:

While meat is cooking, start cutting up the veggies into bite-size pieces.

Step 5:

Combine the sauce and veggies with the meat and start mixing

Step 6:

Once water is boiling (it will start bubbling) than put the dry spaghetti in boiling water for 10 minutes make sure you stir it so they don’t stick together.

Step 7:

To check to see when the pasta is done take out a noodle with a fork (don’t forget it’s hot) if it's still crunchy it's not done if it's firm to bite than it's done. When spaghetti is done mix with the spaghetti sauce

Step 8:

When it's finished, put it on a plate and enjoy! Easy spaghetti great for family dinners!