Introduction: Getting Started

A buddy gave me an old cigar box so I thought why not make a lamp again! I'd been wanting to make something with an old style bulb anyway.
You don't need a whole lot to make this.

Some sort of box
A dimmer switch
A knob (unless you like the cheap plastic one that comes with the dimmer)
A lamp socket
A cord/plug
A bulb
Some wire & wire nuts

Step 1: Prepping the Box

All you have to do is drill 5 holes in the box, 1) for the lamp socket, 1) for the cord, and 3) for the dimmer switch 1) for the switch its self and 2) for the mounting screws. The only other thing I had to do to my box was remove the inside panel of wood from the front so the switch would stick through far enough for the knob.

Step 2: Electrical/Assembly

I'm not an electrician and will not be held accountable if you copy this instructable & start a fire or worse cause bodily injury or death! That being said it really is pretty simple to wire but I figure if you are going to do this you would be able to it without explanation!
The lamp socket I used had a small bottom so the hole i drilled was the same size & I just super glued it in! I got some brass screws & a brass knob for the dimmer switch to math the socket, the knob was for a drawer so I had to drill it out to fit the switch then super glued it on.

Step 3: All Finished

This project was pretty easy & fast. I really liked how it turned out, hopefully you do to, thanks for looking!
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