Introduction: Cinch Bag

This nifty little bag can be used for many purposes, for example: costumes, holding small items and coins, or just a decorative item.

Step 1: MATERIALS!!!!

First you need materials of course.
Here's a lis of what you need:

spool of thread
sewing needle (hand not machine)
the cloth of your choice or something (I used the colored portion of an old bed skirt, but it's up to you what you use)
measurements for the cloth:
I used a cloth about 18 inches long and 10 1/2 inches wide, but this is your project so knock yourself out. (not literally)


Yes I'm going to tell you how to thread the needle. The first thing you need to do is measure about 1 foot of thread and snip it at an angle, (this makes it easier to put the thread through the needle) once you get the tread through the eye, you want to pull it about two inches and hold the needle at the eye. Now you take the other end of the thread (still holding the needle) and wrap it around the needle about five times and pull it through the needle all the way to the far end to make the knot, NOW WE CAN FINALLY GET SOMEWHERE!

Step 3: Doing Whatever This Is So You Can Put the String Through

Take the cloth and fold it at about 1 inch over so you may begin to sew it.
(side note, why is it pronounced "sow" but spelt out as "sew"? it doesn't make sense to me...)

Now that you have a nice little knot at the end of your thread you can begin, just send the needle through both the cloth and it's folded inch. Make sure your knot is on the side that is folded (I'll explain later).
Begin running the needle in and out of both sides of the cloth.
Once Finnished take your needle through the cloth and don't pull it tight yet, run the needle in the loop you made twice and then you can pull it through.

Step 4: Decide the Shape of the Bottom of the Bag

First fold your cloth in half to where the fold edges are on top and take a pencil and draw your ideal bottom for your cinch bag, and begin to cut out the marks you have made keeping the fabric folded.
Easy step right? I feel like it's too short but you are probably happy with this, right? Of course you are! MOVING ON!!!

Step 5: Sewing the Bottom of the Cinch Bag

Now you have two almost identical sides of your bag, "whatever shall I do with these two sides?!?" hang on I'm getting there.
First you line these two sides up with the folded edges on the outside, and then you measure out about 22 inches of thread and now you begin going in and out of the cloth (both of the pieces not just one).
Now we can Finnish the bag!!!!!

Step 6: Finishing the Bag

Once you have completed the other steps you can FINALLY Finnish your bag.
Reach inside the bag and pull it inside out.
Now take two pencils and twine or a shoe string and feed it through the slot on top of your bag. Once you have finished running the twine (or shoe string) through you can fill your bag and cinch it closed.

Step 7: Done

Enjoy your Cinch bag.