Introduction: CircuiTricks : Circuits With a Pencil..

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I was sitting with my young brother trying to explain him what is conductivity, why resistance increases with increase in length, decreases with increase in Area and all the stuff..

Boiling down everything to equations can be quite boring.. But I was able to help him through with this simple concept of CircuiTricks

>> Draw out lines with a 9B pencil.

>> Place one or two button cells as shown in the figure and fold the page in a way that cells lie in between two lines.

>> Here we have made a LED block by pasting copper tapes at the bottom of the block. You can place a simple LED too..

How does this work?

As the grade of pencil increases, the proportion of graphite also increases, which leads to increased conductivity..

Step 1: Make a Card

And then, we were able to make up a greeting card with this idea!!

Things you will need:

>> A card paper

>> 9B pencil

>> Button Cells

>> LED

>> U Clips

Draw out any shape you would like, leaving gaps at two places: one for LED and one for the button cells

The cutting should be such that you can fold the paper where you will keep your button cells.

Place the button cells, fold the paper and fix it by U clips.

Here we have pasted the LED block to fix it easily on the paper.

Step 2: You Can Also Make a Guitar

To make a Guitar, you will need :

>> 9V battery

>> 9B pencil

>> Buzzer

>> Crocodile pins

>> Copper Tape.

We connected +ve end of the battery with the shaded part with the help of a copper tape, -ve of battery and buzzer were joined togather , while +ve of buzzer was joined with one end of crocodile wire, and when you touch the other end with the shaded area, you get sounds based on the intensity.. !!

Step 3: Win CircuiTricks Kit or a T Shirt

If you have a cool idea on simple ; very simple stuff you could build with a pencil and electronic blocks, write to us at and you could get a free kit or a cool CircuiTricks T-shirt..

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