Introduction: Circuit Book V 0.2

About: Love 3D printing , Raspberry Pi tools. Like to learn new things and share the same. Working on spreading maker culture around Pune region in India.

Circuit Book is designed to help kids to understand different circuits , electronic components in easy manner. Building working circuit inside text book is fascinating for kids as they can learn theory and practical at same time. They don't have to wait for their practical class to prove what they learnt in theory class. This is my humble effort to make it easy for teachers and students.

This designs are open source , so parents, teachers and even students can work out their own to build such book and more circuits to original book.

Step 1: Material List for First Circuit

Following is the material list :

  1. Black card paper
  2. Silver Gel Pen
  3. Copper Foil Tape
  4. Conductive Ink ( or use solder gun if conductive ink is not available)
  5. Reed Switch
  6. LED
  7. Crocodile Clips
  8. 9v battery + connector
  9. Sizzer
  10. Some creativity

Most of the things can be bought from Amazon (hopefully). If you have local electronic shop , that is also good place to check out these items.

Step 2: Step to Build Circuit

Basically you don't draw circuit here, you can just build it.

  • Cut copper foil in three pieces as you can see in picture
  • Stick it on black card paper as show
  • Get LED and solder two legs with Conductive Ink (or use solder gun and solder the legs to foil)
  • Get Reed Switch and solder two legs as shows
  • You also have to connect 9v battery connector wires to crocodile clips
  • You may think , good idea to add resistor , add if you feel like to avoid overheating of switch or LED

Step 3: Demonstration

Once circuit is built , you can connect battery to connector and place crocodile clip to circuit.

You can mark foil strip as + or - as per your connection of LED.

Get any magnet and take near to Reed Switch, LED start illuminating as Reed switch becomes ON.

Note : My kids playing with circuit and shot the video to show how it would help kids to understand that easily. Sorry it in my mother tongue (Marathi).