Introduction: DIY Hologram

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DIY hologram is fun project to build with kids/students. This project helps them to understand -

  • Use of Compass to make circle
  • Divide the circle
  • Building pyramid using geometry
  • 3D effect combining 4 different images

Apart from this they enjoy watching different hologram videos using mobile phone. There are quite a few videos available on youtube.


Materials required :

  • A4 size white paper
  • A4 size transparent sheet
  • Marker / Sketch Pen
  • Pencil
  • Compass for making circle
  • Scissors
  • Quick Fix
  • Scale

Step 1: Follow Video Instructions

Follow video for construction

  • Make template with paper
  • Use template to mark and cut transparent sheet
  • Fold and then stick

Step 2: Watching 3D Videos

After construction, open any YouTube video related to Hologram (having four images playing at same time) on your phone and place your hologram properly on phone screen. Effect is mesmerizing in dark.