Introduction: Circular Cuboid

This structure was made of Filecard and glue. It requires a thick gsm paper, above 300 atleast or filecard and glue(cyanoacrylate).

It works on the basic principle of grooves. Cut the paper into circles. Use single cuts to create grooves less than halfway through the centre of the circle and not more. Cut based on the angle desired. Join the two circles by placing them in each others grooves. Each circle can have approximately 8-10 grooves to connect to other circles. Once the two circles are grooved together, use cyanoacrylate to reinforce the structure. Continue the process to attain the desired shape. Spray paint if wanted.

The Above structure had 220 circles withe 1.5 inch radius and a 0.5 inch cut for the groove and 50ml of cyanoacrylate.

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