Introduction: Citroen C4 Grand Picasso Exclusive High Level Brake Light Repair

Five LEDs out on the high level brake light. Not an MOT failure but annoying. This is how to strip out for repair.

Step 1: Interior Trim

First off the interior trim has to come off. Near the four corners are some U clips built onto the panel. Using the plastic lever shown get the end behind the panel and at each corner "Jump" it out.There are also three pegs that fasten in but you should be able to pull on the panel and they will come off.

Step 2: Getting the Light Out.

The light assembly is held in by two hand removable nuts. The washer pipe simply pulls off the spigot.The power cable is clipped on so be careful to free it from its clip before pulling.That little tag in the picture is the clip which I unfortunately bent when removing.

Step 3: Opening the Light.

Use a Stanley knife or scalpel to score round the join of the lens to the body and then gently lever it apart.

Step 4: The LED Board

The broken LEDs can be cut off at the side joins.

Replacements are available from RS Components

Stock number 6655104 Super Red Power TOPLED,LS E6SF-V2BA-1-1 .

They are about seven pounds for 25 so you will have plenty of spares.

They can be resoldered with care. Check YouTube if you are not sure as there are lots of videos on there on how to reattach LEDs.

It's very important to have them the correct way round. They have a triangular shape on one corner and it seems possible to use that to get them right.

Step 5: Rebuild

The unit can be fastened back together using a decent waterproof adhesive. Super glue might get too strong a hold and create major problems if you have to do it again in the future. Pick one that will hold but allow the same technique again for getting it apart.