Introduction: Citroen C4 Install of Our Replacement Glove Box Lid Handle

It is a common issue with Citroen C4 vehicles for items to become jammed in the glove box lid, this leads to pressure being put on the lid handle, this is a delicate item and snaps very easily. Until now this either left owners without access to their glove box or the glove box was left permanently open. The only alternative was to purchase a new lid at £150+. We now have THE solution, our stainless steel replacement glove box handle, this fits in the slot that the plastic handles used to and operates in the same way, the only change is it is made from stainless steel and will not break, oh.. and it looks great too! This guide will show you how to install this replacement handle in minutes. The NEW stainless steel C4 glove box handle available exclusively from us X8R Ltd.

Step 1: Remove the Remnants of the Old Handle

Using a screwdriver prise the remnants of the old handle from the glove box lid. You will see the two retainers either side which held the handle in place, although hardy, take care not to damage these as the new handle fits directly in to these.

This step is easier with the complete glove box removed from the vehicle as you can lever the remnants of the old handle from both sides.

Step 2: Fit the New Handle

Remove the spring from the remains of the old handle and fit on the new handle as illustrated, orientation is important.

Fit the new handle in to the retainers that the old handle used. Click the handle in place one at a time locating in one retainer then pushing in the direction of the second retainer. You will hear the handle click in to place in both retainers.

The legs of the spring will protrude out, use a screw driver (preferably a plastic one to prevent damaging the handle or glove lid) and lever the legs behind the handle.

Step 3: Enjoy Using Your Glove Box Again

Test function and enjoy using your glove box again.