Introduction: Clamp on Solder Station / Work Bench.

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A useful soldering station and general work bench that can be clamped onto a table or bench, also has the magnifying lens and work clamp screwed in place so you have no fear of the job toppling over at the worst moment.

The bench is sheeted with the metal case from a video recorder that I dismantled a week or so ago, I used this as it will help dissipate heat and will allow me to use a blow torch without the fear of a bench fire.

Today was finally warm enough to venture out into the shed for an hour or so to put this together properly and permanently so it no longer falls apart when the bench gets a knock.

This is something that has been taking shape of its own accord, some things just naturally happen when things just happen to naturally fit each other.

Thanks for looking.

Step 1: The Parts.

Parts used where things that have just sort of migrated together over the last few months

A busted child seat ( the clamp on to the table type)

A piece of block board from a old airbrushing board that just happened to fit.

The case from a video recorder that amazingly was an exact fit to the board.

Aluminium pelmet rail used to make some simple brackets.

Wood screws and cup washers.

tools used

saw , drill etc

Step 2: The Bench Top.

The metal case was marked at the corners 1 inch from the edge all round, the case was fitted to the board using 5/8" screws and cup washers .

Once the metal skin was fixed to the board I used a file to remove any sharp edges from the metal .

Step 3:

I made a few simple clamping brackets from aluminum pelmet rail. as they will not be seen to often they didn't have to be pretty.

The brackets where bent to shape using pliers and i just eyeballed it.

the bracket have a surprisingly good hold.

Step 4: Job Done.

I now have a very useful solder station that can be moved around where needed and will keep the soldering kit all in one place.

Thanks for looking, hope you liked my idea.