Introduction: Clara the Spotted Jellyfish

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In my opinion, Princess Jellyfish is one of the cutest anime to come out in awhile.  Because I love almost anything cute, I fell in love with Clara the spotted jellyfish">Clara the spotted jellyfish and had to turn her into an amigurumi!

I started off by looking through various images of Clara so I could get an idea of  what shapes I would need to make and their proportions.   The basic shapes were an oval for her head and body and cylinders with a circle at the end for the tentacles. I then needed to take into consideration other elements of Clara's design that make her a unique character. These would be her spots, ruffles, and face. 

Then I finally began to crochet. There was seriously a lot of trial and error that went into this amigurumi! Especially with the ruffles. In the end, this is what I came up with. I'm so happy to have a Clara of my own!

If you would like to make a Clara for yourself, here is the pattern:

Materials needed:
Hook size of your preference. I used a G hook
Worsted weight yarn in a dark and light pink 
White, Black, and Red felt
Black embroidery floss
Materials for attaching felt (either embroidery floss or some form of glue)
Tapestry Needle
*Optional: Residential copper electrical wiring to pose a leg.

ch= chain
sc= single crochet
hdc= half double crochet
dc= double crochet
sl st= slip stitch
inc= increase (2 single crochets in 1 stitch)
dec= decrease ( single crochet 2 stitches together)
BLO= back loops only
FLO= front loops only
** = repeat whatever is in between
F/O= finish off

Head/Body: with light pink yarn
Rnd 1: 8 sc in magic ring (8)
Rnd 2: *inc* (16)
Rnd 3: *sc, inc* (24)
Rnd 4: *2 sc, inc*n (32)
Rnd 5: *3 sc, inc* (40)
Rnd 6: *4 sc, inc* (48)
Rnd 7: *5 sc, inc* (56)
Rnd 8: *6 sc, inc* (64)
Rnd 9: *7 sc, inc* (72)
Rnd 10: * 8 sc, inc* (80)
Rnd 11-18: *sc* (80)
Rnd 19: *8 sc, dec* (72)
Rnd 20: *7 sc, dec* (64) Begin to stuff at the end of this round. Continue stuffing as you go.
Rnd 21: *6 sc, dec* (56)
Rnd 22: *5 sc, dec* (48)
Rnd 23: *4 sc, dec* (40)
Rnd 24: * BLO 3 sc, dec* (32)
Rnd 25: *2 sc, dec* (24)
Rnd 26: *sc, dec* (16)
Rnd 27: *dec* (8)
F/O. You may need to use the tail to thread through the last round and close the hole.

Ruffle: with darker pink
For this step you will be working into the head. Make sure the top of the head is facing towards you.
-Attach yarn with any of the front loops of round 24 with a slip stitch.
Rnd 1:
-This round will all be worked in the front loops of round 24.
-sc in same stitch as joining, sc around (40)
Rnd 2: FLO sl st in first sc of round 1, ch 3, FLO 2 dc in same stitch, FLO 3 dc in each of the remaining stitches (120)
Rnd 3: sl st in 3rd chain of beginning ch 3, ch 2, hdc in same stitch, hdc around (120)
Sl st in 2nd chain of beginning ch 2, F/O

Tentacles: Make 8 with light pink yarn.
Rnd 1: 5 sc in magic ring (5)
Rnd 2: *inc* (10)
Rnd 3: *1 sc, inc* (15)
Rnd 4: *2 sc, inc* (20)
Rnd 5-12: *sc* (20)
Rnd 13: *8 sc, dec* (18)
Rnd 14: *sc* (18)
Rnd 15: *4 sc, dec* (15)
Rnd 16-18: *sc* (15)
Rnd 19: *sc, dec* (10)
Rnd 20-22: *sc* (10)
F/O leaving long tail to sew. Stuff

I used a combination of these spots. Use however many you want. On mine there are 2-3 spots on each tentacle and 6 spots on the head.

Spot 1: 5 mg in magic ring, sl st in 1st sc, F/O leaving tail.
Spot 2: 6 mg in magic ring, sl st in 1st sc, F/O leaving tail.

For Head spots I also added:
Spot 3: 5 mg in magic ring (5)
*inc* (10)

Face Details:
-For the eyes I made ovals about 3 rows tall with the black felt.
-The white pupils are about a row tall.
- The mouth is 4 rows tall. I basically cut out a narrow red triangle and curved out the tip.
-Attach the eyes and mouth onto the face however you would like (glue, sew, etc.). Embroider on the eyelashes with black embroidery floss.

-Use tails to sew spots onto the bottom of each tentacle and on top of the head. (Optional: Stick residential copper electrical wiring into the body and a tentacle, and sew the leg on. This allows you to pose the amigurumi.)
-Use tails to sew tentacles to the bottom of the body. I did 3 tentacles in the front, 3 tentacles in the back, and 1 tentacle on each side.

There you have it! If using the suggested hook size and yarn weight, you should get a Clara that is 8-9 inches tall.

Hope you enjoy!

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