Introduction: Classic Brass & Acrylic Stand

and designed some custom stands for my web browser generated airshells for airplants ( ) with acrylic and brass rods.

Step 1: Order Parts

Here is my material bill as listed on McMaster. Your size might be different, depending on the object.

Ultra Machinable 360 Brass Rod, 3/8" Diameter, 3'Long 8953K149 , 1 Each$17.97 Each

Easy-to-Form 260 Brass Rod, 0.125" Diameter, 3'Long 8859K164 , 1 Pack of 5$17.69 Pack

Optically Clear Cast Acrylic Sheet 1" Thick, 6" x 6" 8560K329, 2 Each17.14 Each

Step 2: Make a Plan

Gather all parts and tools. Start with one stand. Do a test on where you want the rod to stand with a scrap wood block, so that the object is balanced and at the right height. Use that as a reference and mark the hole location.

Leave the protective sheet on acrylic all the time so that you don't scratch it. It's also easier to mark on.

Step 3: Drill Holes

Keep the protective sheet on acrylic block. Secure the piece and tap drill with an 1/8" bit. Go slow so the plastic has time to cool down.

Step 4: Polish Acrylic

Cut two sheets of Waterproof paper, one 220 grade, and one 600. Wet the sand paper and sand over flat surface in the direction shown in the image. Finish with rotary polish wheels.

Step 5: Make the Hook

Bend the hook to fit the object you want to display.

Then cut the rod to length. Again, I used the scrap wood block to test the optimal height for the airshell, to avoid pushing through the acrylic multiple times.

Step 6: Fit Testing

With a 1/8" rod and 1/8" hole, the rod should fit into the acrylic block well.

Sand blasting the rod helps a slightly loose fit to be a nice snuggle.

Shown in the image is using masking tape to tape off parts that's visible above the acrylic block.

Step 7: Assemble

Now you're done with one set! Start the process again for the next stand. This ensures that as a whole set, they fit together nicely.

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