Introduction: Clay Flower Fairy

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This cute fairy was made from foil and polymer clay
I used superglue to attach the head
This is an easy project for beginners who are starting off with clay

Step 1: Making the Base

Flab some foil and a toothpick and form around the toothpick in to the fairies body
I did a dress
Snip off any extra toothpick to high
The toothpick showing should be 1 mm from the foil
Cover the foil pies with peach or white colored clay
The stomach does not have to be smooth because later it will get covered in flowers

Step 2: Making the Dress

Make a flower by making very small circles of any color to represent the petals
Start adding the petals in a circular position on your work surface
If you want you can use a balling tool to carefully place the petals together
After the petals, make a small circle of any color and put it in the middle
Make a leaf by taking a green and forming it into a point at the top
Take a knife and make a linen going down the middle
Make several other lines on opposite sides
Place the flowers and leaves on the fairies chest
Make many petals and leaves and place on the dress
If you want your fairy to have long hair, you do not need to cover the fairies back with petals

Step 3: Making the Head

The head was my favorite part
It gives you many choices: long, short, or medium hair
Make a sort of oval and place it horizontally in the toothpick
I applied some superglue beaches the head came of easily
All chibi's have an oval head and eyes are spread apart
On most of them, they do not appear to have noses
Make long thin strips of any color for the hair
I did black hair
Start placing the hair around the head In a circular motion
As you get towards the other end, you see the core of the head is bald
You can place the same color clay there
As you are finished you can add a flower decoration to the hair like I did
Paint a face with black paint

Step 4: Results

Bake or glaze your charm
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