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Ok, so in this instructable I'm going to show you how to create a keyboard using clay and makey makey.

Step 1: The Materials Where Shown Above

First you will need the materials shown above, a makey makey ( Which you can get in the maker shed portion of Makezine), some alligator clips, some play dough, and a square of cardboard. Any shape will do though.

Step 2: Make the Base for the Controller

The first thing you have to do is cut a piece of cardboard to any shape or size to make a base for your controller.

Step 3: Molding the Keys

next get some bits of the clay and arrange them into four equal piles. they can be any color, yes. now mold them into arrows or lines or really any shape. When you are done with this center them on the cardboard. IMPORTANT! make sure that none of the pieces are touching and if you decided not to use cardboard make sure this is a non-conductive material.

Step 4: Get Your Makey Makey Out of the Box

Get your makey makey out of the box, mine came with alligator clips but if you don't have any 5 or 6 small ones will work quite well.

Step 5: Connect the Alligator Clips to the Pins

Connect the alligator clips to the makey makey arrow keys, than "plug" them into the clay based on the position they are in, up to up, left to left.......

Step 6: If You Are Using the Keys W a S D Instead

Ok, so that was specifically for the arrow keys but if you use the keys w a s d than you should listen closely right here. If you want to use those keys on the back right side of the makey makey you will find some pins labeled w a s d. plug your single gauge wire into those holes, but since those pins need to be grounded you need to some how connect them to the earth section of the makey but only go off when you touch them, the solution is simple. all you have to do is connect ground, or earth to you, down below i have some examples such as using a ring, a bracelet (with more clay, YEAY!) or an elbow rest, CLAY! 

Step 7: Plugging It In

All you have to do in this step is plug the USB into your computer and the makey makey. Simple right?

Step 8: Done!

When you have plugged it into your computer it will register it as a keyboard, so your all set. the last few pictures show how i added a key for space which usually is an action button in most games, so you just need a bit more clay/ play dough and an alligator clip. That's all there is to it so enjoy your new controller and don't be afraid to customize the buttons/ keys as i did in the last picture, this is clay isn't it? So i hope you enjoy!

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