Introduction: Clean Your Hazy Headlights With Toothpaste

Here's one trick that every car owner should know! Remember the day when you bought your car, everything was squeaky clean. 5 years later, you'll realize that your headlights are covered with cloudy dirt, cleaning it with soap isn't enough. The solution; toothpaste!

When we went out of town on a road trip, my dad noticed that the light coming from our headlights seem to be faint and diffused. When we finally got home, I noticed this cloudy haze on our headlights. Cleaning the car is one of my chores.

On the other day, I was asked by my dad to try to find and find way of cleaning the hazy headlights. I googled for solutions then I suddenly I came across jessyratfink's write-up, I gave it a try and it worked like Magic!

I'm kinda' starting my YouTube channel so I decided to make this video. BTW, thanks to everyone who supported my previous YouTube project, it turned out to be successful. There's more to come! :D

Step 1: Things You'll Need

All you need is a foil of toothpaste and a clean piece of cloth (microfiber works well).

Step 2: Squeeze Some Toothpaste!

Squeeze out enough toothpaste on your finger tip then wipe it on the cloth.

Step 3: Scrub & Buff

Don't add some water yet! using a cloth, scrub the tooth paste in an elliptical motion.

Step 4: Clean & Dampen Your Cloth

Go to your sink then dampen your cloth with water. Just water.

Step 5: ​Rinse Your Headlights

Go back to your car and scrub it again, this time with a damp piece of cloth.

Step 6: Wipe It!

When your done with the scrubbing, wipe it!

Step 7: Voila!

Your headlights will look brand new! Just like magic! :D


That's how toothpaste keeps out mouths clean! LOLs :))

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