Clean and Easy Grapefruit Preparation

Introduction: Clean and Easy Grapefruit Preparation

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My sister had never cut a grapefruit before. She'd never even seen one get cut. So, when my mother tasked her with preparing the fruit, she was able to invent a cunning new technique that takes absolutely no time, but allows you to eat all of the flesh but  none of the pith, without accidentally getting a sticky seed in your mouth! Here it is.

Step 1: Cut in Half Along the Prime Meridian

Divide and conquer! Unseam it from nave to chaps. I mean, cut the grapefruit from top to bottom. Um, just look at the picture. 

Step 2: Cut Into Slices Latitudinally

Now, simply slice the grapefruit into wedges. The benefit of this method is: After you eat one triangle of the pulpy fruit, you can very easily peel back the section of pith guarding the next. Also, the seeds are easily flicked away.

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