Introduction: Green Cleaning 10 Year Old Faucet

Hello everyone this is an green organic cleaning instructable. Does limescale builds up on your pipe work making it look too old? This instructable will help to restore your bathroom faucet look brand new.

Green cleaners required for this cleaning are:

1) Lemons - 2

2) Knife

3) Crystal salt

4) Thread/rubber band

5) Waste cotton cloth

6) Coconut coir/Scrubber

7) Safety pin/toothpick

If the materials are ready lets get started

Step 1: Preparing the Ingredients

Cut the lemons into two equal half. Take crystal salt in a bowl, and dip the lemon on the salt.

TIPS: use fresh lemons so that the acidity of the lemon will be high, which can corrode the limescale (calcium carbonate) easily

Step 2: Applying the Lemon Acid on Limescale

Start rubbing the lemons on the faucet.

Step 3: Tie the Faucet to Lemon and Cloth

Squeeze the lemon on the waste cotton cloth and wrap It around the faucet. To hold the cloth in faucet use either thread or rubber band.

On the end of the faucet use a lemon to cover its mouth and tie it with a cloth.

On tough limescale place the lemon on the spot and tie it directly.

Step 4: Resting It for 2-3 Hours

Leave the lemon on the faucet for 2-3 hours.

Every 30 minutes remove the lemon, scrub it using coir or scrubber and retie the lemon to the faucet.

Note : If your faucet looks clean before the mentioned time, you can remove the lemon.

Step 5: Cleaning the Tap

After 2-3 hours remove the lemon and give it a hard scrub using the coir/scrubber.

Then wash the faucet with luke warm water.

Then wipe using a soft cloth or paper towel.

Step 6: Remove Blockage

On the mouth of the faucet use a safety pin to remove the blockage.

If possible remove the lower part of the tap (only in few model taps) clean it and then put it back. Then open the tap to free flow the rust.

Now your faucet looks new and you are a green cleaner as well...

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