Introduction: Fixing Air Conditioner Water Drip - Quick, Messy, Effective!

This air conditioning unit evaporator is dripping water inside. Could it be a blockage on the condensate drain line? Hmm. The first place I checked was the discharge end of that pipe.

Step 1: Gunk!

Luckily the elbow wasn't glued to the down pipe. A wiggle and it popped off easily. A lot of gunk oozed out of that small section of pipe. Ewwww!

Step 2: The Down Pipe.

I saw more nasty gunk hanging out the down pipe so I stuck a screwdriver into it and swisher it round. Some more stuff fell out but I figured there was even more.

Step 3: Even Higher!

Necessity sometimes breeds desperation. I popped out the condensate tubing and was rewarded with a copious shower of gunk all over my head. Dammit!

In the future, the fastest way to clean out gunk build up is to spray vinegar into the evaporator fins followed by the spray of fresh water.

No more drippy drippy indoors!