Introduction: Cleaning a Windshield

-I hope you find this guide to cleaning a windshield useful and use it throughout your windshield cleaning life

Step 1: Gather Material

This project will require:

-4 clean microfiber clothes

-1 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

-1 bottle of your favorite glass cleaner

Step 2: Park Your Vehicle in the Shade or Indoors

-Prevents streaking

-Window cleaner won't evaporate while working

Step 3: Start by Cleaning the Outside of Windshield First

Step 4: Lift Windshield Wipers Out of the Way and Grab Your Window Cleaning Agent, Start by Spraying One Half of the Windshield (This Will Make It More Manageable Than Trying to Clean the Entire Windshield at Once).

Step 5: Wipe (in Circular Motions) the Aerosol Spray on the Half of the Windshield That It Was Applied to and Then in a (vertical-up to Down) Whipe Until the Product Has Completely Evaporated. If Bugs and Grime Persist, Repeat This Step

Step 6: Repeat Steps 4 and 5 on Opposite Side of Windshield Blending Over Into the Opposite Side of Center to Ensure Full Coverage

Step 7: Put Windshield Wipers Back Down and Continue to the Inside of the Windshield

Step 8: Grab a Fresh Microfiber Cloth. Start the Inside of the Windshield by Spraying Your Window Cleaner Directly Onto the Microfiber Cloth. YOU DON'T WANT CLEANING SUPPLIES ON YOUR INTERIOR PLASTICS OR LEATHER.

Step 9: Scrub Half the Windshield With the Product Dampened Cloth and Then Switch Seats to the Passenger Side and Scrub in a Similar Fashion

Step 10: Now, Retrieve the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Most interior windshields are covered in an oily film caused by

- Smoking

- Auto manufacturing material discharge

The magic eraser does a great job at removing the debris

Step 11: Soak Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in Warm Water to Activate. in a Circular Motion, Scrub the Inside of the Windshield Ensuring There Is No Water Dripping From the Scrubber Onto the Delicate Interior.

Step 12: Grab a New Microfiber Cloth and in a Circular Pattern Absorb the Cleaning Agent Left Behind by the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Step 13: Repeat Steps 8 and 9

Step 14: You're Finished!!!!