Introduction: ​Cleaning and Fixing an Old Bathroom Cabinet

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My dad used to rent out our old house often and after the last family left, the house stayed unoccupied for a while so when i went there to check on things, i found that the house was very dusty, humid and smelled weird so i decided to do some cleaning and repairing. I started cleaning the bathroom and what caught my eye first was this old wooden cabinet, it was so dirty but still in good condition and can be repaired, so today i want to show you how i fixed it and made it look new again.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

Step 2: Old Cabinet

The cabinet was full of old useless stuff like empty bottles, toothpaste and brushes, nail polish bottles, an oil bottle and other things. I took all the stuff carefully and threw them in a trash bag.

Step 3: Examining

After emptying the cabinet, i started examining it to see what steps i'm going to take to fix it. The shelves were dirty and dusty, some of the paint came off and i noticed a gross black stain where the bottle of oil was.

Step 4: Vaccuming

I grabbed my vacuum and started vacuuming inside and outside the cabinet to get rid of the dust, the dirt and the spider webs that were in the corners.

Step 5: Preparing the Solution

To prepare the solution that i'm going to use to clean the cabinet, I took a bowl, dish soap and a dish scrubber. I put a good amount of dish soap into the bowl then poured hot water over it until it became runny but not too watery then i mixed it with my hand to make it foamy, after that i put the scrubber in the bowl to let it soak a little bit.

Step 6: Removing Shelves

I removed the shelves from the cabinet one by one and put them in the sink to clean them.

Step 7: Scrubbing the Shelves

As usual i forgot to bring gloves so i took the scrubber with my bare hands, squeezed the excess of the solution and started scrubbing the shelves in a circular motion until the stains were gone, when i was done scrubbing i dried the shelves with a sponge and put them outside in the sun to let them air dry.

Step 8: Scrubbing the Cabinet

I went back to the cabinet, took another scrubber and started scrubbing the inside and outside of the cabinet the same way i did to the shelves.

Step 9: Removing Stains

This oil stain took me the longest to remove, it was kinda sticky but really dry on the wood so i kept scrubbing in a circular motion again and again until it was completely gone.

Step 10: Drying

After i finished scrubbing all the cabinet, i wiped it with a dry sponge to remove the excess water and left the windows open so it can dry completely.

Step 11: Painting the Shelves

I came back the next day, with gloves of course, and i brought with me a bucket of white paint and a painting brush. I started painting the shelves one by one then left them to dry.

Step 12: Painting the Cabinet

I went inside to the bathroom and started painting the outside of the cabinet with covering the handles of the doors with aluminum foil to protect them.

Step 13: Painting the Inside of the Cabinet

I painted the inside parts of the cabinet.

Step 14: Painting the Top and Bottom

After i finished painting the inside and outside of the cabinet i painted the top and bottom.

Step 15: Fixing Holes

I left everything to dry then i took the shelves and put them back in the cabinet. I noticed some small holes in one of the shelves, so to seal them i took some spackling paste and applied it on the holes and left it to dry.

Step 16: Results

And that's it! the cabinet looks perfect now!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, Bye Bye ❤️

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