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Introduction: Clear Acrylic Coffee Pod Holder

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Hey guys, just a quick post to share (yet another) coffee pod holder.

Our Nespresso sits in a small niche in the kitchen, with a specially designed shallow drawer just below it for the coffee pods. I originally designed this holder as an insert to keep our coffee pods organised in the drawer, but in the end it looked nice just sitting on the coffee niche countertop as-is. It makes a nice colourful display, and it's one step less in the mornings to not have to open a drawer.

I just drew up the design in AutoCAD, just a grid of circles just big enough for each coffee pod plus a bit of tolerance. I got this laser-cut out of 10mm clear acrylic at a local shop, and the result is stunning. The raw photo shows the acrylic cut-out before peeling off the brown-paper backing.

Now I have 96 left-over circles of acrylic that are perfectly smooth and shiny, and I'm wondering what I can make next out of these! Suggestions below?

(And yes, this is coincidentally in-keeping with the dot-matrix-grid theme from my previous instructable!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Drill a small hole near the edge and string together to make a mobile. For color use Sharpies or that plastic sun catcher paint from The craft store. The Sharpies will appear transparent when you color one side of the acrylic. Have fun!